Tuesday, March 31, 2009

White Iris

The iris is one of my favorite flowers to paint.....a sure sign of spring!

Bluebonnet Morning

At this time of year the many pastures are covered with bluebonnets!

Woods and Sunshine

The trees sometimes grow very tall in the Texas woods. The morning sun is shining through them. A special time of day!

Farmer's Market

I saw this view in Michigan at a Farmer's Market. Painted it later back in Texas and won a blue ribbon!


This was painted after I spent some time on the Galveston Coast. The view is still there, but the porch and much more was destroyed by the hurricane.

Bluebonnets and Wild Thistle

How I enjoy the wildflowers of Texas!

Back Porch

This is the back porch of a home in Texas. I love porches.

Time Has a Way

I used pen and ink first and then added watercolor....a Texas scene.

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush

Take a drive a mile from me and this is what you'll see today. This was a technique in which I wet and crinkled the paper before painting on it.

Up North

Looks like I was thinking about Minnesota or Michigan here???

Blue Iris

I have enjoyed painting on yupo paper which is so smooth. It makes alot of surprises!

Cactus Flower

Love doing large closeups of flowers. Texas is the place to find these beauties.

Tulip Time

I saw this vase of tulips while visiting in Michigan. I loved the lighting....and so later back home I painted it and won Best Floral in the Brazos Valley Juried Art Show.

Evening View

Sunsets and lakes....two of my favorite things to paint as I remember Minnesota and Michigan

Monday, March 30, 2009

Summertime Stream

I think that I have seen this same view in Minnesota, Montana, Michigan, and Texas. Love a fresh water stream!

Painting my special things

Sometimes I like to paint some of my antiques. Who did the little vase belong to? Painting gets me thinking.

Mountain View

Living in Montana brought the wonderful experience of hiking in the mountains. You can imagine where my thoughts were as I painted this scene.

The Garden Entrance

I came across this scene in Boerne, Texas. The bike brought back memories of my childhood days.

Texas Country Road

I did this painting after driving down this Texas Country road. I loved the way the shadows fell across the road.